I HAVE ONE QUESTION FOR YOU… are you going to PR the course or a segment of this year’s unOFFICIAL TMWC?

Are you going to take the next 12 weeks to plan out your assault?

Who’s wheel(s) will you be on?

How much will you weigh?

But the real question is, Will you be within 6 degrees of separation of the winners?

This year is invite only.

  1. You’ll get an invite from a friend with their Order Number.
  2. You will register and enter their Order Number.
  3. You’ll get a confirmation email with your Order Number.
  4. You can then invite up to 6 people and have them enter your Order Number.

We’ll have all the usual categories and trophies…

PLUS, if you are within 6 degrees of separation from the Men’s or Women’s Overall Winner or the unOFFICIAL Lottery Winner (or all 3), then you’ll be splitting the cash and/or prizes with them.

You're automatically entered in the lottery when you sign up.

You’ll also get:  chip timing, a sweet t-shirt and fed some yumminess.

Will you be within 6 degrees of separation?

There are only 110 slots available.

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