ON THE RIDE TODAY I HEARD AN ASTOUNDING COMMENT.  Well, I asked for it.  But, still, I was quite surprised because I know this cat has had some real challenges...

... to the point of being forced not to ride.

Who wants that?  

Now, I'm not doctor, but I do play one here on the blog.  Since the last time I saw him he was hobbling tenderly through Costco, I just had to know what had changed.

It's good to see you're riding again.

Thanks, it's great to be back.

Did you do anything different?

Yep, I quit playing tennis, quit walking and quit riding for 2 weeks.

Wow, that's a lot to give up.

I feel good.

This is where the doctor in me gently plants a seed.

Do you ever stretch?

Never.  I hate it.

Do you think it would help?


Personally, I have experienced many aches over the years and I've found if I just go back to stretching they all go away pretty quickly.  My little is easy...

... and takes no more than 15 minutes.

15 minutes.

Everybody's got 15 minutes.

Everybody also has cold weather creeping in. 

For me, that means grabbing a stylish bean to cover my silver and gold locks.

We have this in 4 gorgeous colors:  army green, navy, black and charcoal.

Right now, today, and maybe tomorrow... 

... if you act quickly...

... they are shipping for Free.  $20, gets one delivered to you...

... with the winged-wolf logo.  Our spirit animal.

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6.3 hrs Sleep 
10 PullUps 20 PushUps
HypberVolt & Stretch
20 minutes reading + journaling