MY B.O. WAS OVERPOWERING THIS MORNING.  That should get rid of 50% of readers.  Now, we can get down to why...

... and what to do about it.

Just after reading and writing for about an hour, I headed out to the garage for some RaceDay Ready resistance training.

Jumping Jacks, to start.

Within 20 reps, my body heated up and oh boy the stench was real. 

At the same time, I'm listening to a marketing podcast by a dude who is ripped and their conversation reveals a stunning piece of knowledge...

... I've been doing 30 sets a day for 10 years.

Did I hear right?

I hit every body part, every day, 10 years running.

He isn't wiry, Cowboy Strong.
He's Hulk Ripped.

Which brings up the B.O...

  • I get up
  • Read, write
  • Do my 10ish sets

I don't

  • Put on a special outfit
  • Drive to the gym
  • Get prettied up

Which brings up the other point.

I've learned, it takes a lot more than we think to be great...

  • I used to think 90 minutes, 4 days a week was enough saddle time.
    It's not.
  • I used to think legs twice a week in the offseason was enough make me stronger and faster.
    It's not.
  • I used to think I could wing it on 6-7 hours of sleep.
    I can't.
  • I used to think cheat days were a good idea.
    They aren't.

... which is why we have to work through the B.O.

Time is short.

Efficiency matters...

... consistency matters more.

You know what stinks worse than working out in the tshirts we sleep in?...

... being weak.


Want to get stronger?

Get a Giant calendar and fill in your A, B and C races...

... there's nothing like focus to keep ya on track.

We have about 5 of these left, in stock. 

Ships free.

Can make in your team colors.



8.2 hrs Sleep
1 RaceDay Ready Strength Circuit
20 minutes recovery 
60 minutes reading + Journaling