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Duane Clark

Love the bag Love the quaility

Looks to be the just what I needed

After long winters here in MN I get a little excited when I plan my first MTB trip for the year. Without fail I end up pre-packing all my kit a month ahead of time.... The problem with that is I always end up unpacking everything just to check if I packed "everything" I need. (Usually more then I need)
so the goal was to find a good kit bag with enough room for 3 to 4 days of riding kit, Value to usability, and quality of product.
I think this XL bag fits the bill perfectly! The separated soft pockets are great for keeping things separate and easy to find (not to mention the preprinted labels on the bag to keep things easy to find). one of the best things is, the soft pouches give you ample room to over stuff compartments if needed.
The quality of the material and the stitching seem to be excellent, with ample ventilation.
If there was anything I would ask for to be different would be to have a small zippered hanging pouch sewn to one of the compartments to keep Keys, and or a wallet quicker to find.
and even though I do really like that I can collapse the bag to a small footprint for storage when not in use... it would be kind of nice to have some kind of hard insert to keep the bags shape or even a hard/rubber bottom option to keep the bag from getting abraded from sliding across surfaces. (I realize this would bring cost up)

ALL in all. This bag is hard to beat. Quality, value, really thought out, and coming from a guy the clearly loves sport and his product! How could you go wrong?

Thanks for FANTASTIC product!

Best bad I’ve ever owned!

I absolutely LOVE this bag. By far the best bag I’ve ever owned. Top notch quality. I love that each bag is isolated from the others. Each section/compartment appropriately labeled so I know longer have to do a pre-ride/pre-race inventory. Once I place my products into its appropriately labeled compartment, I zip that compartment up, letting me know those specific things are packed and accounted for.
I really like the backpack carrying feature and well as the one sided handle if you don’t want to wear it to carry.
Why did it take me so long to find this bag????

Knucklehead Cycling 2023 RACEDAY BAG™

Newbury Park 2022 RACEDAY BAG™ Black

Changing Poncho

I love this Poncho!
Let's Ride!

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They are kick a$$

Thanks Todd for a great product; attention to detail, high end fabric choice, outstanding customer service, and most importantly your daily dose of motivation!

Awesome bag…

The bag is very durable, spacious and doesn’t allow you to forget anything..!

Awesome Bag!

Well thought out bag. Great quality and value. So glad I got this bag. No more forgetting or misplacing my cycling gear.


Texas Roadhouse RaceDay Bag

This bag is sweet! Love all the pockets, descriptions and design of the bag. Looking forward to using it for the 2023 race season! Thanks guys!

Easy Raceday prep

Will all the pockets labeled and the size of the bag it makes raceway prep easy. Grab the items for each pocket and load the pocket. You won't forget a thing

Almost perfect

I've been using this bag for about 2 months now and I do love it. You will never forget your shoes or helmet thanks to the separate compartments on either side of the bag. The design is fun and I get a lot of compliments on it. It is great to have straps that I can comfortably carry on my shoulder as I tend to over pack. The zippers are sturdy and have never snagged on the loose material inside the pockets.
There is one feature that would make this bag perfect -the addition of a water bottle pocket on the classic and XL size bags. The first 3 time I used this bag, I forgot to bring a water bottle. I sewed a mesh pocket on the outside of the designated shoe side, so this won't happen again and you can still see the fun design. I highly recommend this bag and wouldn't hesitate to purchase another bag from PEDAL Industries.

Love the bag!!!

Just got the bag and we’re in love with it!

I Finally Got it All Together!

Awesome bag TB!
Looking forward to many more memories with this Bag and Poncho!

Another Great Bag

Purchased this bag after outgrowing my first Pedal Industries bag from last year. Its much larger, but still very manageable. Needed this much space for my fall to early spring layers.

Sweet hoodie.

I like bikes and I like the gear I've purchased from PEDAL Industries. But when I saw the hoodie in the style of The Specials, it was an immediate yes.


This bag is everything. Room for all my race day needs with a checklist literally printed on the bag. There are items listed I would’ve surely forgotten had they not been in my face. Where has this bag been all my running life?!?

Great Bag

I ordered the bags for my kids. They used it for their first race, and they loved it. The bag helped them prepare everything they needed while keeping them organized. I highly recommend this bag.

Edward Fronczek
Absolutely love it. Great product!

Perfectly designed and a great addition to my bike bag, and now I don't have to drive home in my bibs. The design artist was a pleasure to work with. Excellent piece of gear...highly recommend.

New Team RaceDay Bag

This is my second RaceDay Bag and the only reason for a new one was to get a custom team bag. Working with the designer was a pleasant experience. The quality is excellent and it is a very functional cycling bag! I highly recommend this RaceDay bag.

Perfect gear bag!

This bag is well made with lots of room for everything! Having individual pockets for items is a huge help! Takes away the extra time of looking around for that ONE item you need! Makes every race and ride less stressful what a plus! 👍

Holds everything and well organized

Love this set up. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you’re familiar it keeps you well organized.

Just what I needed

Great bag so far, hold everything I need for a ride or weekend. Keeps things nice and organized, even when I’m not riding it keeps the garage clean and the necessities together. Just grab and go!